Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012


I praise Allah to sending me you my love

You found me home and sail with me

Let me let you know....I was always thinking that love was wrong

'till you came to change my mind, that I need you to lead my way

I thank you...
thanks for the sweet

And I ready fo bitter..nevermind if I'm with you

I'll Be pArt oF yOUr FaMily aS yOu WiSh...
TheY aCcEpt Me waRmly,As iF i'm ThEir oWn DauGhter..
I stAy in tHe hoUse yOu uSed to stAy,siT in the chAir You usEd to sit,eAt witH yOur Family as You usEd to Be..
I'll Try tO bE a Good dAugHter foR youR parEnts,bE a GooD SiBling for YOU,be a Good AunT foR yoUr NePhew AnD NiEce..